It should come as no surprise. After all, Republicans have undertaken a project to invert reality for decades now. Consider the following right-wing “beliefs”:

  • Racial minorities oppress the majority. That’s a fact, and the left-wing argument that minorities are actually the victims of oppression is just an opinion.
  • Humans have existed for 6000 years. The notion that humans evolve is just a theory.
  • Supply drives economic growth even if there’s nobody around with enough money to purchase anything. The notion that demand drives economic growth is just a left-wing opinion.
  • The planet is not warming. Those readings on thermometers are just an opinion.
  • Rights belong to states, not people.
  • Tax cuts raise revenue for the federal treasury.

And on and on.

Tea Partiers have been so conditioned to believe all this idiocy that a bagger wouldn’t perceive a fact if both his nostrils got hooked on one.

So Trump’s legions will believe him — we mean literally believe him — when he tells them (as his Press Secretary just represented to the media without combusting on the spot) that in the image below, the crowd shown on the right is bigger than the crowd shown on the left.

And as far as a teabagger is concerned, when the Chimps tell you that the crowd on the left is actually bigger than the crowd on the right, well, that’s just our opinion. Facts are just opinions, and fantastical right-wing opinions are facts. The dumbing of America is almost complete.


Video credit: Random Activity