The mainstream media is in an indignant snit over the decision of BuzzFeed to release the entirety of a 35-page dossier detailing Donald Trump’s alleged fetish for urological precipitation (among other things). Our media overlords don’t like us having the same information they do.

The time for some sense of media entitlement to vet information and sort fact from fiction has long since passed away. Our national media gave up on investigative journalism almost immediately after Woodward and Bernstein moved Deepthroat’s story from the bottom deck of a parking garage to the top line of the Washington Post. Even Woodward and Bernstein themselves have become tabloid hacks.

And it’s hard to see how Donald Trump, who cut his teeth on the jagged edges around certsensationalist bullshit stories, has any standing now to complain about fake news. The media played along with Trump’s long-form witch hunt, and now we’re all wound up about Trump’s Moscow waterworks?

The Chimps are tired of paternalistic journalists bent on protecting us from ourselves. We’re smarter than Chris Matthews, and if you’re reading this, then so are you. That means that you and we are entitled to much more than Matthews’s opinion about what he’s read; we’re entitled to see what he’s read.

Sorry Matthews, and Chuck Todd, and Wolf Blitzer, and Brian Williams, and all the rest of you jokers who fancy yourselves journalists. You people sat by and enabled as Donald Trump committed the biggest fraud is the history of the USA. Pardon us if we don’t care what you think about some dossier that’s floating around DC. Just give us the goddam dossier and we’ll decide for ourselves, thank you very much.

You want us to wait until you’ve assigned enough reporters to the story to vouch for the dossier’s veracity? No thanks, folks. You still haven’t found this fraud’s tax returns, for fuck’s sake.

This is the point BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith is making: if we’ve reached the point where national media outlets are telling us that there’s some document floating around that is, ahem, somewhat explosive, then drop the paternalistic pretense and cough it up.

BuzzFeed got this right. The media is no screen at all for information, if being a screen for information means actually doing some footwork and analysis. They’re too busy covering mass shootings and hurricanes to dig into what is potentially the biggest scandal in all of American political history.

The time has come for Americans to have direct access to all information possessed by incompetent, lazy “journalists.” If ever it’s to be vetted or verified, we’ll do a better job on blogs and Facebook than complicit shitgibbons will do at any mainstream media outlet.