As the Chimps have been saying since before the November Calamity, much more was at stake in the 2016 election than many liberals seemed to understand. Far too many eligible voters who sat the election out or cast a protest vote over the biggest (email) non-scandal in US history seemed oblivious to the plight of LGBT and reproductive rights should they hand the presidency to a malignant narcissist amenable to an agenda as soulless as he is. (As much as we will continue to excoriate liberals who seem not to know that there is no such thing as “settled law” in this country, we reserve our most toxic venom for that snake called the “Log Cabin Republican” – a reptile so beset by self-loathing that he can’t contain it all inside himself and thus spews it outward against that which most resembles his own self: his own kind.)

We are now at the mercy of a Republican Congress and a Republican chief executive who will likely, each in combination with the other, deliver a reactionary federal judiciary once the Grim Reaper catches a left-leaning justice or two; as emboldened as anti-choice advocates are by the unexpected ascension of a barbarian to the apex of American political power, homophobes must be just as jazzed. And just in time for Christmas, who else but Ted Cruz, the self-loathingest creature to haunt Washington, DC, since Trump’s old buddy Roy Cohn, has proposed what he hopes will await the LGBT community once all that inter-branch evil congeals.

Cruz will introduce legislation that will not just allow a homophobe to discriminate against actual gays for being gay, but will also allow a homophobe to discriminate against anyone who stands against his or her bigotry provided the homophobe is basing his or her discriminatory practices on Cruz’s favored religious beliefs: either that same-sex marriage is ungodly or that any kind of sex outside one-man-one-woman marriage is, like gays themselves, an abomination.

Tomorrow, the Chimps will discuss the constitutional infirmities in Cruz’s proposed law. (Bottom line: if Anthony M. Kennedy is still calling the shots at SCOTUS, it’s dead on arrival). But for now, we want to focus on the politics.

Please watch the video below. We know it’s hard to watch, and even that it contains some violence (not deadly – it’s not that bad). But we are going to be using this video over and over again to illustrate a point. Before we make that point, have a look:

As you can see, in this video, a useless punk picks on a kid who is legally blind. Why? Because he can; because he’s a coward with a pathetic life who gets his sense of power from overcoming someone he perceives to be weaker than he is. The punk is afraid and angry, and he lashes out at an easy target: somebody who doesn’t have the power or the wherewithal to swing back.

The dynamic of American politics right now is simple: it always involves a punk and a victim. What the dynamic does not always involve is the third character in the video: the hero. See that fist that enters the screenshot from the right and brings the punk to the pavement? That belongs to a good-looking, football-playing stud who saw what was happening to the blind kid, quickly concluded that he’d seen enough, and decked that little shit with one well-delivered strike.

Here is our challenge, and we urge you to consider this carefully: we need to get uneducated, angry, powerless voters to change their frame of reference. Right now, they play the part of the punk. The LGBT community is like the blind kid: given their small numbers, their history of political powerlessness, and the popularity among majority groups of targeting them for sport, people in the LGBT community are largely unable to swing back when larger and more popular groups seek to target them.

What uneducated, angry, powerless voters seek, like the punk in the video, is some sense of power and meaning and control. And given that their lives are often bereft of real meaning or power, they can be expected to lash out just to feel what they can’t actually acquire.

What is our mission? Again, please listen and consider this carefully: what we have to do is get these voters to realize that behaving like the little asshole who attacks a blind kid is not the way. That little asshole might seem like the character in this play who has power and meaning and bravado all about him, but that’s only until the mystery fist arrives in the right-hand side of the screenshot.

What we must do is convince American Trump voters that there is less power in being the punk than the hero: that the real power is in being a hero, not a punk.

Does that make sense? Let the Chimps know.