As we contemplate the inevitable descent of the Melonhead and Melania Show upon the nation next month, we learn that The Greatest Dealmaker in the World™ is working his magic yet again. Trump’s amateurish and ill-advised foreign policy dalliances with Taiwan have managed to create an international foreign policy spectacle even before Trump takes the oath. It’s hard to see how this won’t end up costing American taxpayers a bundle.

As a side note, the Chimps recall being a bit perplexed, during the campaign, when we learned that Bob Dole was the only former Republican presidential candidate who endorsed Donald Trump. We suspected that poor Bob Dole’s cognitive functions might have fossilized by now, but we figured that he still had an aide or two to handle potentially embarrassing matters like supporting a presidential candidate so plainly buffoonish that he made Bob Dole’s ’96 run look like Nixon against McGovern. Now we know the price of Bob Dole’s soul: $140,000, paid to his firm in consideration for his months-long effort, as an agent of Taiwan, to subvert longstanding American foreign policy.

Anyway, to nobody’s surprise, the Chinese are thermonuclear pissed over Trump’s needless provocation. And so, too, we imagine, is General Motors. In what is surely an act of diplomatic tit-for-tat, Chinese authorities have announced that GM is the target of an antitrust investigation, one that may result in the automaker being hit with a large fine. The timing of the announcement, according to China auto analyst Michael Dunne, “is suspect. It appears to be an effort ‘to show some color, as they say in China,’ a clear indication that the Beijing government is ready to get tough if the new administration takes a path the Chinese don’t like.”

Foreign car maker Audi has been fined $40 million as a result of a similar investigation. “General Motors, in particular, has a lot to lose if it were to get caught up in a U.S.-China dispute. The Asian giant is not only the world’s largest automotive market but the Detroit maker’s biggest single outlet.” Other American manufacturers may also find themselves in the crossfire because of Trump’s antics.

The Chimps suspect that corporate America is willing to tolerate Melonhead’s heavy-handed bungling, but only as long as it doesn’t significantly impact the bottom line. If Trump is wreaking this kind of havoc weeks before he takes office, we can’t wait to see what destruction he’ll leave in his wake as Chief Executive. After all, if Carrier got millions for a few hundred jobs, what’s a point or two of GM’s worldwide market share going to cost?