It’s time to seek some input and see whether, using a forum like this, we can begin the business of generating ideas that address the political shortcomings of liberals and progressives.

We’ve been writing posts about controlling the narrative, messaging, and appealing to the vast numbers of American voters who think emotionally, not logically.

Here’s a Laughing-Chimps synopsis of your typical liberal message as to climate change:

The majority of scientists believe that the climate is changing and that the temperature of the Earth is increasing. They also believe that human activity, and especially the emission of carbon gases into the atmosphere via vehicle exhaust, industrial activity, the burning of certain fuels, like coal, is one cause of that climate change – although there may be other contributors too, like methane gas created by cow flatulence. We believe that we can control the rate of climate change by incrementally reducing carbon emissions and developing new technologies to replace older technologies and fuel sources that cause pollution and environmental decay.

Notice a few things about the typical liberal appeal we laid out above:

  • It doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker.
  • It contains smart-sounding words like “emission” and “incrementally.” It’s probably written at the level of a reasonably competent college grad, not a third grader.
  • It is logical, neutral, and even recognizes a counterpoint (the point about methane).
  • It is nuanced and timid; it lacks absolutism or even certainty. For example, “The majority of scientists agree …” is a hedge. (Republicans don’t do that.)
  • It is unemotional.
  • It fails to tell emotional thinkers what outcomes they should fear or how they can use this issue in such a way as make themselves more powerful.

Don’t rush, but if you would, please give this some thought and use the comments section to suggest better and more effective messages. (Please note that The Chimps are easily distracted and make take some time to approve comments. As we understand it, once we approve a comment, the person who made the comment may continue to comment thereafter.)

-The Chimps