The Laughing Chimps have lost track of how many times we’ve heard something like this over the past two weeks: “I’m not a ________ [racist][xenophobe][misogynist][religious bigot]! I voted for Trump because ________ [I’m worried about jobs][I’m worried about the economy][I hate Killary][EMAILZ!].” We’ve heard it so many times that we’re sick of responding to each instance. So much so that from this point on, we’re simply directing anyone else who wants to engage on this front to the following standard Laughing Chimps response:

Let’s get right to the point. We don’t care why you voted for Trump. There is no justification you can offer that will provide you the moral cover you seem to crave. If you tell us that you’re not a racist, or a misogynist, or a xenophobe, or that you personally don’t subscribe to any of the myriad vile bigotries that characterize Trump, chances are that – unless we know you personally and have evidence to the contrary – we’ll take you at your word. And we still don’t care. That you voted for Trump anyway means one of two things: (1) you are OK having a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, religiously bigoted ignoramus as our President; or (2) you’re willing to put jobs, economic security, your hatred of Hillary Clinton, or pure, unmitigated crapola launched from the deepest, most fetid and festering GOP bullshit swamps ahead of the demonstrable and irremediable harm to real people that will result from having as our President a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, religiously bigoted ignoramus.

If it’s the former, then frankly, there isn’t much daylight between you and the morally-deficient voters who share your electoral preferences. If it’s the latter, it means you chose your devotion to GOP talking points, or to vague, inchoate, and uncertain economic benefits – benefits that Donald Trump neither knows or cares enough about to actually deliver to you or anyone not named ‘Donald Trump’ – over human suffering and misery. And that paints you as either so breathtakingly ignorant that you shouldn’t be allowed to operate a TV remote without adult supervision, or morally compromised to such a degree that we have no interest in debating or discussing with you anything more complicated than your favorite Flintstones character. Either way, we’re not impressed.

If you’re not a Trump voter and you, like us, are sick and tired of responding to this excuse, then as a public service, you’re more than welcome to borrow The Laughing Chimps’ standard explanation.