A bunch of home-grown Nazis, looking to celebrate the recent electoral victory of Donald Trump and the elevation of kindred spirit Steve Bannon to presidential adviser status, held their own white trash version of a Nuremberg rally over the weekend. The highlight (or more appropriately, the lowlight) of the event appears to have been a talk by Richard Spencer, who leads something called the Nazi National Policy Institute, so named because, sadly, ‘KKK’ was already taken. While it bills itself as a ‘think tank,’ and produces what it seems to believe is groundbreaking intellectual work (e.g., Brown v. Board of Education was “arguably the worst decision in the Court’s 216-year history.”), NPI is really nothing more than a way for some Nazi creeps to play Nazi reindeer games while enjoying taxpayer subsidies as a Section 501(c)(3) ‘educational’ organization.

Anyway, after all the “Hail Trumps” and Nazi salutes were over, Spencer had time to reflect on the rally, and on what good, clean fun it is to be a white supremacist in Trump’s America. “There’s an ironic exuberance to it all,” Spencer claimed. “I think that’s … one of the things that makes the alt-right fun, is that we’re willing to do things that are a bit cheeky.” Yes, that’s right folks. Being a white supremacist today is just “cheeky” and “fun.” After all, who doesn’t love to threaten to set people on fire, or attack people of color while chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump,” or call someone a “terrorist” because she’s of Middle Eastern descent and speaks in her native language. Sure, just plain old cheeky fun for the entire white supremacist family.

Here’s a thought. Forget about a Muslim registry. Can we start registering white terrorist douchebags instead? The Laughing Chimps know which group poses the greatest threat to national security. And what’s good for the goose should be good for the goosestepping gander.