General Mike Flynn, a Cold-War relic with a fetish for military adventurism, has been picked by Herr Drumpf to sculpt our national security policy out of a truckload of liquid manure steaming with Islamophobia, paranoia, and overheated machismo.

The great hope for Trump was that he’d surround himself with the best advisors a billionaire could buy: men and women so capable that they might take an ignorant and emotionally stunted president and make him — well, survivable.

But just when The Laughing Chimps thought we’d never see a gaggle so populated with pretenders, malcontents, misfits, criminals, and moral pygmies as the field of contenders for the GOP presidential nomination, along comes the Trump transition to introduce us to the likes of Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, and Mike Flynn.

What was meant as a parody of ridiculous people in powerful places might turn out to be a reasonable facsimile of a Trump cabinet meeting: